My Values

4 - Core Tenants

  • Intent is King
  • Anything can be achieved
  • Patience
  • Working smart

Intent is King - Anything can be achieved

The intent is the "Why" of something. Addressing intent your actions is one of the first tenants I learned as a young athlete that has carried me through to a coach and made me a successful one - nothing is done "just because" - everything in rowing must have an intent. 

If you find intent and you find out why you do what you are doing and understand the process anything in rowing and life can be achieved.

Patience and working smart

Patience is the understanding that you must work with long term vision. Nothing can be accomplished in an hour worth doing. In rowing we train sometimes 11 months for a 6 minute window - The patience to understand the "big picture" is what separates the people who burn out and the multiple time Olympic champions!

Our sport is one of repetition and grind. To achieve great results you must work smart and apply the knowledge available to win.